Red Pill Records Uses The Goldmine Standard For Grading All Of Our Used Stock. The Media Condition On New Vinyl Are Always Presumed Mint.

All Second Hand Items We Sell Have Been Cleaned In House. Everything Over $5 Comes With New Poly Inners & Outers (If Originals Aren't In Good Condition And Suitable Material). Single Second Hand Items Over $100 Come With Rice-Paper Inners.

All Second Hand Items have Been Play-Tested, Gradings Are Visual & Audial. Listings Are Detailed, Warts & All, Where Necessary. They Can Be Found In The Comments Section On Each Product Page.

Mint (M)

Absolutely Perfect In Every Way. Certainly Will Never Have Been Played, Usually Still Sealed (If Sealed As New).

We Only Use This Grading For Brand New Records We Buy Direct From Our Suppliers.

Near Mint (NM or M-)

Almost Perfect Records. A NM or M- Record Has More Than Likely Never Been Played, And The Vinyl Will Play Perfectly, With No Imperfections During Playback. The Record Should Show No Obvious Signs Of Wear. A 45 RPM or EP Sleeve Should Have No More Than The Most Minor Defects. An LP Cover Should Have No Creases, Folds, Seam Splits, Cut-Out Holes, Or Other Noticeable, Similar Defects. The Same Should Be True Of Any Other Inserts, Such As Posters, Inner Sleeves, Etc.

Very Good Plus (VG+)

Very Good Plus Records Will Show Some Signs Of Use And Will Otherwise Appear Well Looked After. Defects Should Be More Cosmetic, Not Affecting Playback as a whole. Record Surfaces May Show Some Signs Of Wear And May Have Slight Scuffs Or Light Scratches That Don't Affect Play. In Rare Cases, Slight Warps That Do Not Affect Play. The Label May have Some Ring Wear Or Discoloration That's Barely Noticeable. Spindle Marks May Be Present. Picture & Inner Sleeves Will Have Some Slight Wear, Slightly Rounded Corners, Or A Slight Seam Split (For Example). An LP Cover May Have Slight Signs Of Wear, And May Be Marred By Cut-Out Holes, Indentation, Or Cut Corner (For Example). In General, If Not For A Couple Of Minor Issues, These Would Be Considered Near Mint.

Very Good (VG) 

Many Of The Defects Found In VG+ Records Will Be More Pronounced In A VG Record. Surface Noise Will Be Evident Upon Playing, Especially In Soft Passages And During Intros & Fades, But Will Not Overpower The Music. Groove Wear May Start To Be Noticeable, As Can Light Scratches (Deep Enough To Feel With A Fingernail) That Will Affect The Sound. Labels May Be Marred By Writing, Or Have Tape Or Stickers/Residue Attached. The Same Will Be True Of Picture Sleeves & LP Covers. However, It Will Not Have All Of These Problems At The Same Time.

Good Plus (G+)

Records In Good Plus Condition Can Be Played Through Without Skipping. But Will Have Significant Surface Noise, Scratches, And/Or Visible Groove Wear. Covers Or Sleeves Will Have Seam Splits, Tape, Writing, Ring Wear, Or Other Defects Will Be Present. While G+ Records Will Be Playable Without Skipping, Noticeable Surface Noise & Rhythmic Pops Will Almost Certainly Accompany The Playback.

Good (G)

Records In Good Condition Will Have The Same Issues As G+ Records Just More Pronounced Or More Of Them. Should Still Play Through Without Skipping.


For Our Grading, 'Generic' Refers To Sleeve That Are Not Specific To A Particular Release. Generic Sleeves Are Either Plain Or A Company Sleeve With Standard Company Artwork. Sleeves Graded As 'Generic' Don't Receive Further Grading, As They Add Little Value To The Item.

If A Company Sleeve Is True To The Specific Release, We Endeavour To Indicate This And Add Further Grading.