Phono Preamps

What is a phono preamp?

Before we dive into the details, let's first understand what a phono preamp is. A phono preamp, also known as a phono stage or a preamplifier, is an essential component in a vinyl playback system. Its primary function is to amplify the low-level signal produced by a turntable's cartridge and apply the necessary equalization to reproduce the music accurately.

Do you have a built-in phono preamp?

The first thing you need to determine is whether your turntable already has a built-in phono preamp. Many modern turntables come with a built-in preamp, which means you can connect them directly to your audio system or powered speakers without the need for an external preamp. To find out if your turntable has a built-in preamp, check the user manual or look for dedicated "phono" or "line" outputs on the back of the turntable.

What type of audio system do you have?

If your turntable does not have a built-in preamp, the next step is to consider your audio system. Some receivers, amplifiers, and powered speakers have a dedicated phono input that includes a built-in preamp. If your audio system has a phono input, you can connect your turntable directly to it without the need for a separate phono preamp.

Are you experiencing sound quality issues?

If your turntable does not have a built-in preamp and your audio system does not have a phono input, you may need a separate phono preamp. One of the main reasons to invest in a phono preamp is to improve the sound quality of your vinyl records. If you notice issues such as low volume, lack of bass, or distorted sound, a dedicated phono preamp can help enhance the audio performance and bring out the best in your records.

Are you using a moving coil cartridge?

Another factor to consider is the type of cartridge you are using. Moving coil (MC) cartridges have a lower output voltage compared to moving magnet (MM) cartridges. As a result, MC cartridges often require more amplification and benefit from the additional gain provided by a separate phono preamp. If you are using an MC cartridge, a dedicated phono preamp is highly recommended. It's very important to do your research if you're considering a MC cartridge. Take a look at this post more info on MM and MC cartridges


In summary, determining if you need a separate phono preamp depends on several factors. First, check if your turntable or audio system already has a built-in preamp. If not, consider the sound quality of your setup and whether you are using a moving coil cartridge. By evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision on whether investing in a separate phono preamp is necessary to enhance your vinyl listening experience.

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