Packaging Records

Packaging Records

People often ask us what kind of packaging we use to ship our records. This is a quick blog post with a little info about Ubeeco Qikpak record mailers. Before we go any further, I should add, we're not sponsored by Ubeeco.

These mailers are specially designed to provide maximum protection for vinyl records. They are made from good quality corrugated cardboard, which offers excellent shock absorption and crush resistance. The design is simple, elegant and 100% recyclable.

Ubeeco record mailers feature a nifty design that ensures the records stay safe and secure during transit. The mailers have built-in padding and wrap around reinforcements to prevent any movement or shifting of the records inside. They also have sturdy edges and corners to protect against impact and rough handling. Additionally, they have a self-sealing closure system, eliminating the need for additional tape or adhesive.

We don't take any chances with your valuable vinyl records. We've shipped thousands of orders, all over the world, without a single issue from transit damage. In our opinion, these Qikpak record mailers are the best out there.

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