A Note On Genre

Cartoon of Red Pill mascot Syd Rabbit smiling, having written an obscure (made up) genre on one of the record bins. It says "Post-Industrial Semi-Ambient Hardcore". Not sure whether he's being sarcastic or not.

We’ve assigned genres to all our records. We’ve kept it broad, for a couple of reasons.

Categorising music is difficult. The way we each organize music, whether in our heads, on our computers, or on our shelves can vary almost as much as our individual musical tastes. We see little point in overcomplicating by asking you to pick from a hundred different, increasingly obscure genres.

Sorry Syd, none of that here. But you can filter by availability, price, or search by label. 

We’re not the kind of store that carries tens of thousands of titles. We have a small, slowly expanding collection of things we like so you’re unlikely to end up with intimidating search results here anyway.

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