Vinyl Records for Sale North Brisbane

Vinyl Records for Sale North Brisbane

Hey Pill Heads,

First of all, big thanks for checking out the Red Pill Records blog, we’re a small operation, that believes in peace, love, freedom and selling quality records at reasonable prices.

If our website allows you to buy the record, it's in stock and will ship from our premises same or next business day. We don't Dropship, we're not a third-party seller. We love you folks way too fucking much to do that.

However far you’ve fallen into the rabbit hole that is collecting vinyl, we’re here for you. Whether you’re starting out and looking to grab some classics or already have a specialised collection.

Your recommendations are also welcome! A couple of years in, and more than a few of the titles we stock are as a direct result of your suggestions and feedback. Our aim is to operate like a true community store. We love music and we always want to hear about new records and artists.

We opened this shop because we’re collectors ourselves. We understand the frustration of having to buy records that aren’t considered part of the mainstream (by major distributors) from abroad and pay the price of a record over again in shipping. 

Our aim is to carry some of those things for you, to hold on to them until you want them or, as is often the case at the moment, until you can afford them. We also carry Pop & Classic Rock because we like some of that as well.

These are difficult times. Everyone has to eat, pay the rent, etc, etc, and constantly fork out their hard-earned dollars so the rich can keep getting richer. Buying records is a luxury, we know this (we’re right there with you) and we keep our prices as reasonable as possible.

If you’re just having a browse, you can check out our Spotify account (see below) to hear selections from our catalogue, past and present, choice tracks from our new arrivals and to see what else we’ve been annoying our neighbours with.

You can also find us here:

Or call us on: 0401 980 191

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